The Science of Mystery

This website wishes to contribute to an in-depth study of phenomena which too often relate to belief and not to knowledge (Read Belief or knowledge). We believe that it is possible to study some aspects of life, death, human experience, UFOs and the paranormal from a different perspective, with a certain understanding of the mechanisms involved, whether they are psychological or spiritual, imaginary or real. Jonh Mack, a famous Harvard psychiatrist who has studied hundreds of cases of alien abduction, said himself that we had to rethink our conception of reality.


Cryptozoology is the study of legendary animals whose existence is not yet recognized by science: yeti, mothman, Loch Ness, etc. Come and discover our cryptozoology file.


At all times, death has been surrounded by an aura of impassable mystery. Still, the study of near-death experiences provides some answers. Come read our life after death file .


While extra-terrestrial life is to abound in the universe, the visit of some of these beings to Earth is still the subject of great controversy in the public and the scientific community. Embark with us in the study of the UFO phenomenon .


There are many places whose history remains steeped in mystery. Whether we think of Easter Island with its Moai or Stonehenge, the enigmatic places have not revealed all the mysteries. Come and discover these strange places .

If the esoteric and extraordinary character of the stories told leave a lot of room for interpretation, we believe that it is possible to identify the most important aspects and to cross them with credible and verifiable stories to understand the essence and the mechanisms. With this in mind, we want to focus on KNOWLEDGE and not on BELIEF.

We also thank all the collaborators who, generously and passionately, continuously contribute to the understanding of the various unexplained aspects of our world by collecting testimonies, stories, events and theories.

We call "unknown" and "mystery" anything that is to a large extent a matter of belief and interpretation.

Even though science interprets observations, it does not take anything for granted until the observations are reproducible. Many unusual phenomena are non-reproducible in nature, but they are nonetheless very real.

For our part, we also wish to make an observation as neutral as possible of the unknown and mysterious phenomena while remaining aware that those involving aspects as little known as life after death, ufology, the latent powers of Man cannot not always (rarely) to be recreated. This does not call into question their real character (in some cases) and therefore opens an important door to a new understanding of the world around us. It is therefore necessary to cross-reference the stories told in order to better understand the mechanisms involved and the laws governing these extraordinary phenomena.

Trans-personal psychology (Stanislav Grof) is an interesting avenue revealing new patterns of understanding of the world around us. We also believe that in order to understand the world in which we live, we need to be very open-minded while remaining attentive to scientific explanations that may shed light on certain phenomena which at first glance are extraordinary and mystical. (find out more at The mechanistic science that has prevailed over the last 3-4 centuries has allowed us to understand many aspects of the world in which we live. But with regard to recent new discoveries and unusual fields of study, a new paradigm is needed. Whether we think of Raymond Moody, Kelvin Morse, Kenneth Ring and their exhaustive studies of the near-death experience or even Helen Wambach, Ian Stevenson and their detailed account of children talking about a past life, this new empirical data force modern science to reframe some of the precepts that it has long believed to be irrefutable.