The airship of 1897


It is often believed that UFO sightings, real or imaginary, are random. But by studying the phenomenon in a methodical way and by bringing it back in a historical perspective, we can better understand certain aspects which logically escape a simple case study. If observations of fire objects or strange lights have always reached us, the UFO phenomenon, if we make a rigorous historical study, seems an evolutionary process. The famous wave of 1897 is eloquent in this sense because it puts forward strange manifestations but strictly similar from one region to another where they are made.

We often tend to believe that the appearance in the sky of strange objects, sometimes hinting at humanoids inside, to begin with the famous sighting of Kenneth Arnold on June 24, 1947. However, very credible observations of citizens who 'it was considered beyond suspicion to have taken place long before that. The observation wave of 1897 is fascinating.

The wave of the "airship" 1897

Here is the testimony of Alexandre Hamilton, rich farmer from Kansas, aiming in the small town of Le Roy, whose sworn statement was certified by 10 notables of the time saying that Mr. Hamilton was honest and credible. Here is what he writes, as transcribed in Yves Naud's book:

“In the evening of last Monday, around 10:30 pm, we were woken up by the animals making noise. Telling myself that it was probably my bulldog making his own, I stood up. But as I opened the door I saw, to my amazement, an aerial vessel slowly descending over my meadow, about 200 yards from the house.

I called my farmer Gid Heslip and my son Wall, and taking axes, we ran to the corral. In the meantime, the ship had descended gently to about ten meters from the ground. We approached it within 50 meters.

It mainly consisted of a cigar-shaped part, perhaps 100 meters long, with a cart underneath. This cart was made of glass or some other transparent material which alternated with and of which the other visible: it was occupied by six weirdest beings that I have ever seen. They were gibbering together but I couldn't catch a word of what they were saying.

All parts of the ship that were not transparent were dark red. We remained silent with amazement and fear. Then a noise caught their attention and they pointed a beacon directly at us. As soon as they saw us, they turned on who knows what source of energy and a large turbine wheel, about 10 meters in diameter, which was slowly rotating above the machine, began to roar and the ship rose slowly like a bird. When he was some 100 meters above us, he seemed to hang over a heifer that was bellowing and jumping hanging from the stud. We went to her and discovered a cable about 1 cm thick in a red material. That tied a noose around the beast's neck and the other end was connected to the ship. We tried to get the beast out of the noose but, failing to do so, cut the thread of the fence and saw the ship and the heifer slowly rise and disappear to the northwest. "

Source :

Jacques Vallée, in his book “Anatomy of a phenomena” cites more than 270 cases.

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