July 1952 - UFO in Washington

The army is nervous

1952, UFO protests multiply across the country. The army is nervous! Suddenly, on July 26, 1952, they culminated with sightings over the White House, an area normally under high surveillance. The army is on alert for a period of 3 days. The object circled the Washington airport and could also be followed by radar by controllers. "It stopped in flight, then climbed back up and came down" said one of the controllers on duty at the time. Hunters try to catch up with intruders but without success. The phenomenon becomes worrying. Faithful to its policy of SECRET, the US Air Force then organizes the largest press conference since the Second World War by giving as official explanation that it is in fact a meteorological phenomenon called "temperature inversion". The spokesperson even adds that most of the sightings are hoaxes, bad jokes or even misidentification of friendly planes. Yet very credible witnesses such as air traffic controllers stationed at Washington airport certified that their observations had nothing to do with a temperature inversion phenomenon given the clear movements of the object and the possibility of it. follow on the radar screens. They added (the controllers) that by calculating the paths and movements on the radar, the controllers were able to assess the speed of the object at 1600 km per hour (unthinkable speed at that time).

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