Travis Walton - Abduction

November 5, 1975 - An Incredible Adventure!

"I woke up and without seeing very well I could perceive the doctors around me. Suddenly my vision cleared up and I was shocked to see that I was not in a hospital. I was looking directly at me. three horrible creatures with huge eyes. I looked around and got hysterical! " Travis Walton

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This whole incredible story began on the morning of November 5, 1975 in northeastern Arizona in Snowflakes (a Mormon town) when 7 lumberjacks (Allen Dalis, John Goulette, Dwayne Smith (brother of Travis Walton), Kenneth Peterson, Steve Pierce and Travis Walton) worked for the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. It is a protected national park, located about 25 km south of the town of Heber. Moreover, the climate of this somewhat elevated region offers fairly cool temperatures (less than 25 C in summer).

The lumberjacks were then working on the Turkey-Spring tree-thinning contract. The boss of Travis Walton (22 years old at the time of the facts), Mike Rogers was then 28 years old. With him, Allen Dalis, John Goulette, Dwayne Smith (brother of Travis Walton), Kenneth Peterson and Steve Pierce. The aim of this contract was then to cut down the smaller trees in order to allow the bigger ones to develop more easily. They then had to clear an area equivalent to 50 hectares of scrub land.

At the end of the evening, they took the jeep and drove towards Rim Road. It was around 6:10 p.m. according to Travis Walton. He planned to be home around 7:30 p.m. In the front seat were Mikes (the boss), Kenneth and Travis Walton (passenger seat). The other 4 were standing behind.

About 200m after entering the dirt road, Travis Walton saw a light coming from the wood (bright yellowish glow). The lumberjacks then believed that it was a hunter who had made a fire. One of the group members even raised the possibility that it was a plane crash. The group was lucky enough to quickly perceive an image between trees, located about 30 to 40 meters from the pick-up. It was soon after that the group of men understood the extraordinary nature of their vision. From the driver's seat it was difficult to see the scene and Mike asked what he had seen. Dwayne replied as it appeared to be a crashed plane hanging in the trees.

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Faced with the general excitement, Mike decides to go see the light and drive the jeep there. He later recounted that he had felt an intense impulse inviting him to take a closer look. Then suddenly "we were surprised to find the most incredible scene of our life". John then yelled to stop the truck. Travis Walton, stunned by what he saw, opened the door of the truck to walk towards the object. They were then about 20-30 m from the UFO.

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When a blue light appears, Travis is abruptly ejected from where he was (outside the truck). "It's like an electric shock stabbed me through my body. I was numb first before I passed out." said Walton

Travis Walton misses the call

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Seeing Travis fallen, Mike, panicked, accelerates to leave the place with these friends who shout at him to go faster. They thought Travis had been killed and they all panicked. It will take a few minutes for them to decide to come back and get Travis. When Mike Rogers and the other men return to the clearing, Travis and the object are missing. For 5 days and 6 hours, there is no trace of Travis and the police quickly suspect the 6 lumberjacks of having killed Walton. Back in Snowflake, the 6 men tell their terrible adventure to the residents who start by laughing. Then, suspicion seizes the citizens and the police. Teams of researchers and volunteers comb the mountains with a fine-tooth comb, but without succeeding in finding Travis Walton or any clue that might suggest a crime took place. Suspicions grow heavier on the group of lumberjacks. Due to the very great suspicion about one of the lumberjacks, Allen Dalis decides not to submit to the lie detector. Despite this, the results obtained by the Sigelsen validate the story of the 6 men and nullify the theory of the sheriff (theory of the murder of Travis Walton). But Travis Walton is still untraceable.

Travis Walton wakes up inside a damp, cold room. He was standing on his back, on a table with light above him. At first, everything was blurry. Then he saw creatures at his bedside and knew right away that he was not in a hospital. Faced with this vision of horror Travis Walton loses his mind and becomes hysterical.

The lie detectorist

With one exception, they all agreed to take a lie detector test and the results validated their story. 19 years later, the same operator gave them the test again, but with more advanced techniques. The results remain positive and tend to prove the validity of the words of the 7 men. Based on the questions posed to Travis and the others, their story is true.

This incredible story was also brought to the Big Screen in the film UFO, THE ULTIMATE MEETING - "Fire in the sky" in English.

Mike Rogers recounts his experience in these terms: “The glow of a blinding light lit up the whole forest in front of us. I was dazzled for a few seconds. I couldn't see anything. When I looked at where Travis would have been, he was thrown into the air, as if a grenade had jumped in front of him. "

Sheriff at the time, Marlin Gillespie: “I believe these 6 people saw a few things that they saw as an unidentified flying object. When they told their story, we watched them closely to find out. they had consumed alcohol or drugs. "

Conclusion of our study and the facts reported by Travis Walton and his colleagues:

1) All the witnesses tell the same thing and have not changed their version since 1975.

2) The lie detector test made twice (the second time 19 years after the alleged fact) established the veracity of the statements and proves the good faith of the witnesses.

3) The lie detector test does not offer any certainty as to the truth of the facts.

4) Travis Walton really couldn't be found for 5 days and 6 hours.

5) Skeptics like the Sheriff finally believed the story of Snowflake's 7 Men.

6) Everything shows that the stories are real and credible.

7) Upon his "return", Travis Walton was met by a physician who determined he was severely dehydrated. In addition, several marks (echymosis) were visible on his body. His state of shock was evident and could not be faked.

8) In 2012, Keven D. Randle had the chance to interview Steve Pierce who once again reiterated the same story as in 1975.

9) The only one who spoke of hoax was Steve Pierce and only to "debunker" Philipp Klass who offered the sum of $ 10,000 if he proved that it was the case. Steve Pierce then in need of money had contemplated the idea but it was retracted later to reiterate his story (the same as the other lumberjacks).

Witnesses in the Travis Walton case :

Travis Walton : lumberjack who said he woke up inside a spacecraft. He was 22 years old at the time of the incident.

Mike Rogers : Walton's foreman and driver of the van when they encountered the craft in the woods. He was then 28 years old at the time of the incident

Allen Dalis : According to Dwayne Smith's story in 2012, Allen (Alan) was the first to suggest that what they were observing was a spaceship. He had a very bad relationship with the missing man and the police initially believed he had killed Travis. The theory of the police force was completely destroyed when Travis returned, 5 days and 6 hours later.

John Goulette :

Dwayne Smith (brother of Travis Walton)

Kenneth Peterson :

Steve Pierce : Following the incident and some dissension with Walton and Rogers, he distanced himself and it was not until 2012 that he came back by contacting Travis Walton. His story has not changed.