Grudge Commission and Mantel Affair

We replace the Sign commission by another false commission (Grudge). The GRUDGE commission started immediately after the first official death from UFOs (Or at least what appears to be). In early 1948, Captain Mantell was asked to intercept a UFO spotted over Fort Knox, Kentucky. Unfortunately, it crashed shortly after for some unknown reason. Officially, he pursued the luminous ball of the planet Venus and exceeded the altitude limits of his device. But the public does not readily accept this conclusion. Indeed, it is almost impossible to see Venus without a sky in broad daylight. The Air Force thinks it is calming things down, but in reality it is distraught. The Pentagon thanks Colonel McCoy who asserts that UFOs are not of terrestrial origin. The SIGN program archives were burned on August 8 and a final report was produced which was published 6 months later (in February 1949). This expeditious report states: If a sufficient number of personnel were stationed during the observations, one could probably find the origin. The report insists on the cases explained but admits all the same that one observation out of 5 (or 237) has no explanation.

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In August 1949, Grudge published his final results: 250 obversations, 23% of which were unexplained, despite a clear instruction to find explanations at all costs. In December 1949, it was announced that the commission was to be reduced. The GRUDGE commission had the explicit aim of ridiculing the numerous testimonies given on American soil. In October 1951, Captain Edward Ruppelt took the reins of this project and made it clear: the role of the team is to get rid of as many sightings as possible by explaining them. The Grudge Commission even tried to persuade journalists to write negatively about the UFO phenomenon, but people approached could not be convinced that nothing in particular was happening.

Death of Mantel

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Mantell is now known to be chasing a huge metallic object flying far too high for the capabilities of his aircraft, an F-51. The Navy was testing these immense devices at the time in the greatest secrecy, without even informing the Air Force of their experience.