January 1953 - Robertson Commission

Commission of inquiry following Washington's observations

In January 1953, the Robertson commission was established in Washington by the CIA following the wave of observation that took place in 1952. If after 12 hours of work and studies, it comes to the conclusion that UFOs do not constitute a direct threat to national security, the numerous sighting reports and the resulting hysteria could potentially be used by the Soviet Union as a psychological weapon.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

The Roberston commission then decided to mandate the US Air Force with a new mission: to create a public relations campaign whose goal was to convince citizens that ALL UFO sightings were in fact phenomena that could be explained. Among other things, they established to use cartoonist services like Walt Disney to make simplistic films where UFOs would appear funny or ridiculous to the population. The fear of the CIA was that a wave of observation could saturate the American communications system and thus be used for the benefit of the Soviet Union. The resolution of the UFO enigma left plenty of room for the need to reassure the public by claiming the unfounded reports. For the military, regardless of the objective nature of UFOs, the goal was to deny them loud and clear, at least publicly. No one in the scientific community has bothered to question the government's action. The slogan in the public was: "if the army says that there is no reason to worry, it is that there is no reason to worry". In 2020, one can frown at the credulity of the public, but by referring for a brief moment in the historical context of the time, one can understand as much the motivations of the army to silence the numerous reports as the American public which vowed a immense respect for state institutions.

It is also in the 50s that we see the appearance of the phenomenon of "contactees" The incredible statements support entering into long conversations with their brother from space but also traveling with them has greatly helped to discredit the phenomenon as a whole . Adamski, an illuminated


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