Comission Sign - 1947 to 1949

A report that does not please the authorities

A letter from General Twining on UFOs (then at the head of AMC - Air Material Command) to Schulgen had, on September 23, 1947, an unexpected and opening effect with the creation of the SIGN committee which was officially confirmed on December 30 of the same year by Major General Craigie. The US Air Force UFO Investigation Commission is reportedly based at Wirhgt Patterson Base in Dayton, Ohio. It officially began on January 22, 1948, just a few days after the death of Captain Thomas Mantel. To the astonishment of the leaders, the staff who were appalled there decided to invest intensely in the study of the observations made. In the summer of 1948, following numerous spectacular observations, the SING commission wrote a report (then classified TOP SECRET and in the name of Estimate of the situation ) openly declaring itself in favor of the theory of the alien hypothesis. This document is cited in a book by Edward Ruppelt in 1956. This book in the name of The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects was translated into French and appeared in 1958 under the name Face aux saucoupes volantes. No proof was ever given as to the existence of this Report by Edward Ruppelt who later headed the next committee.

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Following the SIGN committee report in favor of the extraterrestrial hypothesis, some of its members went to the Pentagon to defend it. But the report was discredited by General Hoyt Vandenberg who did not want to know anything about the idea that one could be visited by spacecraft.

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In February 1949, the SIGN committee was dismantled and replaced by a committee with the strange name GRUDGE - Rancoeur.