Our position

Note that these statements constitute our current observation in connection with our understanding of things. They are likely to change over time, to evolve or even to visit unexplored avenues. At no time do we believe we understand the entirety of a phenomenon. We can immediately express our way of studying these extraordinary phenomena:

1) Denying a phenomenon does not allow us to understand it.

2) Not everyone is lying when they tell an observation or experience.


3) Witnesses of extraordinary phenomena have not (always) consulted each other.

4) Not everyone has prior knowledge of the manifestations before it occurs.

5) There are indeed realities that escape us and careful observation allows us to glimpse and understand (partially at least)

6) What is called "REALITY" is much larger than one can imagine.

7) The cultural conditioning of an individual will make him interpret an experience in his own way.

Our opinion on UFOs and extraterrestrial life

Here is our observation regarding the potential visit of beings from elsewhere (outside our dimension, reality or planet)

1) Most of the testimonies concerning UFOs can be explained by luminous or astronomical phenomena (over 90%).

2) A more or less important percentage (from 3 to 20%) remains inexplicable and the only valid hypothesis is that of extraterrestrial visits or entities of other dimensions.

3) The French government and high level experts have clearly recognized the great possibility of being visited by one or more extra-terrestrial civilizations. The admission of the Pentagon in April 2020 is another step towards opening up governments on the subject.

4) Officially, the US government denies any interest in the UFO phenomenon

5) The governments, especially the army, of most countries are very interested in the UFO phenomenon because it appears as a threat to national security and this, particularly since the advent of nuclear weapons.

6) Statistically, life abounds in the universe (in one form or another). In June 2020, scientists estimated that there were 6 trillion earth-like planets in our galaxy alone.

7) The REAL question about extra-terrestrial life is whether it is far enough along to come visit us.

8) A real program of disinformation on the UFO phenomenon has been decided in high places and is still paying the price for the media in 2021.

9) Numerous testimonies (+ first-hand seems to attest that the American army recovered a craft of extraterrestrial origin and its occupants at the beginning of July 1947.

Our opinion on life after death

1) For most cases, the theories attempting to explain the phenomena of astral travel, life after death have been invalidated by very rigorous studies (Micheal Sabom, Maurice Rawling, Jean-Jacques Charbonnier, Kenneth Ring and several others) . In other words...

2) A part of consciousness seems to be able to leave the body and access knowledge that it does not have on a daily basis.

3) The proofs of the reality of life after death are very numerous and let us glimpse a lot of hope on the existence of more subtle realities accessible at the time of death or in certain particular circumstances (state of relaxation, extreme fatigue, belief in imminent death, meditation, etc.).

Our opinion on legendary monsters and animals


1) Apart from the presence of the Yeti (Big Foot), few reliable accounts seem to corroborate the presence of legendary animals (Loch Ness and others ...).


2) The oceans are still filled with life and unknown species


3) It is unlikely that large animals will still be unknown to humans except in water (perhaps).

Our opinion on mediumship

1) Mediums with TRUE gifts are few in number (statistically -% of the population)

2) There are a large number of people who claim to have donations but whose only real objective is to derive financial benefits.

3) All human beings have in one way or another the capacity to develop certain gifts of mediumship.

4) Accidents, surgeries or childbirth can awaken certain paranormal abilities and powers.