The UFO phenomenon

Historically, unidentified flying objects have been seen in the sky. Fire sword from the Middle Ages, flying boats from the end of the 19th century or flying saucers from the 20th century, the appellations have differed but their presence is nevertheless confirmed by citizens without any suspicion. While the vast majority of cases can be explained by astronomical phenomena, light illusions or meteorological phenomena, other cases remain unexplained after careful analysis. In spite of the policy of the SECRET of the US AIRFORCE concerning the UFO phenomenon, the cases not having been explained by traditional explanations can however be if one admits the possibility of being visited. We say unexplained but it would be wiser and realistic to say that the most valid hypothesis to explain some of these extraordinary manifestations is the visit of extraterrestrial civilizations, coming to us thanks to interplanetary travel. This hypothesis, at first glance unbelievable for neophytes, has yet been endorsed by high-level officials in certain governments (American, French and English).

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With the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, a wave of observations hit the planet hard, even suggesting more open contact with these untouchable visitors. In fact, from March 2020, we were able to observe an upsurge in quality observation by credible witnesses. The supposed crash of May 22, 2020 in Mage (near Rio de Janeiro in Brazil) was the highlight. We still do not know what happened at this time but a wave of UFOs had apparently preceded this strange event. As of June 18, 2020, MUFON speaks of a well-orchestrated deception while other investigators (like Jaime Maussan from Tercer Millenio) lean rather towards a real UFO crash. The story is to follow ...

Public interest


It is Kenneth Arnold, pilot of a small plane who of objects imitating the movement of "saucers ricocheting on water" when he described his encounter with nine discs in the American sky on June 24, 1947. The journalist reporting the The case spoke of a "flying saucer". It was that same year that the Roswell events took place.

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The famous crash of one (see two - Corona Crash) UFOs in the New Mexico desert quickly attracted worldwide interest, despite the apparent change in attitude of the US military on the subject. The army issued a press release talking about the recovery of a flying saucer wreck but retracted in the hours which followed by publicly disavowing Major Jesse Marcel by saying that there had been a mistake with a banal weather balloon.

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Since that time, and with the advent of more and more effective means of communication, testimonies concerning strange lights and encounters of the third type have multiplied in the four corners of the world and often followed by radar. The UFO phenomenon is no longer to be taken lightly because governments (some under the cover of state secrecy) are very interested in it.

Hoaxes that discredit the phenomenon

If this field of study has brought to light many hoaxes and deceptions (eg: Paul Villa, Georges Adamski, Claude Vorilhon — Raël, Le film le quatre type (the Fourth Kind)), certain testimonies and accounts remain until this day surrounded by a mystery and very important (Roswell, Travis Walton, Cabo Valdes in Chile, Betty and Barney Hills, school in Zimbabwe in 1994, the Vargirinha affair, etc.)

Credible and well-documented stories


We can think of the kidnapping of Travis Walton (see image) whose 6 witnesses have told the exact same story for more than 35 years, the Roswell affair, with more than 300 independent witnesses having claimed that a UFO (possibly two) would have crashed in the New Mexico desert in July 1947.

To this we can add the case of 1996 where 62 children (in Zimbabwe) claimed to have seen a craft landing and two strange beings coming out. The children were also met by the American psychiatrist John Mack. There is also the case of the three young girls from Varginha and the crash that occurred in this Brazilian region. Another incredible case with multiple witnesses is the landing of a UFO in a park in Voronezh, Russia on September 27, 1989. There is no lack of data as long as we sincerely look at the UFO phenomenon.

A public, impartial and large-scale study is required ...

One of the first difficulties of the scientific and in-depth study of the UFO phenomenon is that it often appears to very small groups of witnesses (except certain cases which we will focus on) in isolated regions. On the other hand, certain cross-checks can be made and it is in this way that an in-depth study of the UFO phenomenon must be made. While most of the experiences and manifestations of lights in the sky can be explained rationally, some are beyond logic and the extraterrestrial hypothesis is most likely. Machines have been seen all over the world with movement capabilities still impossible for various land aircraft. Weather or astronomical phenomena? Not always according to the experts who looked at the best-listed sightings (read Allan Hynek).

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

The serious study of ufology requires a broad knowledge of various fields of study such as chemistry, astronomy, weather, physics, astrophysics, engineering, means of propulsion, military history and even more. With such broad knowledge, it is often necessary to call on real specialists to shed light on possible explanations that may include at first sight unusual manifestations. As the study of UFO and Intern-Planetary Visitor studies has shown so far, a large proportion of the evidence can often be explained by facts unrelated to the extraterrestrial hypothesis. But many cases remain unexplained and it is these cases that we want to study to better understand the reasons that push its visitors to study the Earth and its inhabitants.

Ancient testimonies