UFO in the Soviet Union

Testimonies from the USSR and satellite states

By its immense territory, the USSR (now Russia) is rich in luminous phenomena of all kinds. The UFO phenomenon is no exception to this observation. If for 70 years, the iron curtain made it difficult to investigate these extraordinary cases, declassification is done slowly and at random. This file on the UFOs of the Soviet empire brings together some cases studied and reported by Paul Stonehill, formerly director of the Russian ufology center in his book "The Soviet UFO files" published in 1998.

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The Voronezh Affair - September 27, 1989

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

This text is a free translation of the article published in the New York Times on October 11, 1987

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

"This is neither a joke, nor a hoax, nor a sign of mental instability, nor an attempt to boost local tourism by attracting the curious, the Soviet news agency Tass insisted today in discussions about what she called an extraterrestrial visit to southern Russia.

Residents of the town of Voronezh today insisted that lanky three-eyed alien creatures had indeed landed in a local park and gone for a walk, and that a seemingly fantastic report on the event released on Monday by the official Tass news agency was absolutely true.

"It was not an optical illusion," said the lieutenant. Sergei A. Matveyev of the Voronezh district police station, who said in a telephone interview that he saw the UFO landing on September 27.

Lt. Matveyev confessed that he didn't actually see the aliens, but said he saw the spacecraft and `` it was definitely a body flying in the sky, '' moving noiselessly at very high speed and at very low altitude. 'Everything is possible'

To be fair, Lt. Matveyev said, he himself was a little skeptical when he first saw the object. “I thought I must be really tired,” he said. but I rubbed my eyes and it didn't go away. Then I told myself that at that time, anything was possible. ''

Using the sensationalist tone that recently infected Tass, the news agency today provided more details of the UFO landing in Voronezh, a town some 300 miles southeast of Moscow.

According to Tass, and an article published today in the Sovetskaya Kultura newspaper, two boys and a girl from a local school - Vasya Surin, Zhenya Blinov and Yuliya Sholokhova - were playing in a park on the warm evening of September 27 when suddenly, at half past six, '' they saw a rose shining in the sky, then spotted a dark red ball '' about 10 meters in diameter. A crowd gathered, '' and they could clearly see a hatch opening in the lower part of the bullet and a humanoid in the opening. A Stare Silences Boy

The three-eyed creature, about nine feet tall and dressed fashionably in silver overalls and bronze boots and with a disk on his chest, vanished, then landed and went out for a walk with a companion and a robot.

The aliens seemed to communicate with each other, producing the mysterious appearance of a glowing triangle, and activated the robot with a simple touch.

Terrified, a boy started to scream, but with the look of the alien's glowing eyes, Tass said, the boy was silenced and paralyzed.

After a brief disappearance, the three returned, but this time one of the `` humanoids '' had `` what looked like a gun '' by his side - a tube about two feet long that he was pointing to a 16 year old. boy. The boy, whose name was not given in the report, quickly disappeared, but reappeared after the stranger embarked on the ball.

Vladimir A. Moiseyev, director of the regional health department, said in a telephone interview that despite reports of widespread fear in the city, none of the witnesses had requested medical help. But he said that "we definitely plan to examine the children." There was no explanation why, after two weeks, such a review had not yet taken place. Report treated seriously

Mr Moiseyev, like other authorities in Voronezh, the editors of Tass, and indeed many of its readers, treated the report as a serious scientific phenomenon. No additional men are assigned to patrol the area because the department is numerically disadvantaged, said the duty officer of the local Department of the Interior Ministry, who identified himself only by his last name. , Larin, but he said the troops would be dispatched '' if they reappear. ''

Tass correspondent covering the case of the mysterious visitors to Voronezh, Vladimir V. Lebedev, seemed insulted that anyone who treats the story with anything other than the seriousness the agency has given them.