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In Search of Aliens
Alfred Roulet
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Published by I have read editions in 1973, in the collection The secret adventure, this book contains 190p.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Our galaxy includes more than one hundred billion stars. Around them revolve countless planetary systems. Is it imaginable that life and intelligence developed on Earth alone? No, answer today's most senior scholars, Fred Doyle, Carl Sagan, IS Shklovskii and many others. It is reasonable to think that life is a universal phenomenon and that many extra-terrestrial civilizations exist. NASA scientists tried to send them a first message written in easily decipherable symbolic language, engraved on the first probes sent out of the solar system.

But, for their part, aren't these civilizations foreign to that of man trying to come into contact with us? Have some of their representatives not already visited our planet? At present, many serious scientists do not exclude such a possibility.