Project Blue Book - 1952 to 1969

Largest government investigation into UFOs

Project Blue Book is the most extensive investigation carried out for the US government into the UFO phenomenon. Investigative work on the sightings was entrusted to engineers and scientists at the Battle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio. This highly respected research center was contracted with a group of the US Air Force, located at the Wright-Patterson base in Dauton, Ohio. In the 1950s, Project Blue Book was the publicly known government group interested in unknown aerial phenomena.

The growing public interest in the UFO phenomenon and following the 1952 wave of light, the Blue Book project was initiated in 1952 after the Sign (1947) and Grudge (1949) projects. It nevertheless took on a large scale following the wave of UFOs which flew over the capitol in Washington. This BLUE BOOK project was to serve to "educate" the American people on the UFO phenomenon. In other words, we wanted to make sure that Americans no longer see UFOs everywhere. As part of this project, we consciously took cases that could easily be explained and we relegated to oblivion, cases that really posed a challenge to science.

Project Blue Book (report # 14) records 12,618 sightings, all made between the years 1952 and 1969, the year in which he was arrested. It is by looking at the results versus the attitude of the army that we can wonder about the real intention of this mega study.

1) The conclusion of the report comes in a document called report # 14. It is therefore understandable that 13 reports preceded this one. But where are they? And what about the conclusions?

2) Reading the report, we see that 21% of cases are considered "unexplained". On the other hand, in the press release, the secretary of the US Air Force said "on the basis of the findings of this report, we believe that no object described as a" Flying saucer "has flown over US territory. Even the unexplained 3% could be figured out if we had all the necessary information. " This statement is all the more surprising when we know that 21% of cases are considered unexplained. There is something to frown on!

3) Each sighting report, according to the witnesses involved, was categorized as excellent, good, questionable, poor. In the final report, we realize that the more credible a testimony (with the mention excellent), the more likely it is to be in the "unexplained" category.

4) Several rigorously false comments were made following the pseudo-conclusions of the BLUE BOOK project. And these comments are often reused by skeptics even today (in 2020) who are not familiar with the studies of the phenomenon. Here are some of them freely translated into French:

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“The reliable cases are not interesting and the interesting cases are not reliable. Unfortunately, there are no cases that are both reliable and interesting ”

Carl Sagan, astronomer

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This statement by Carl Sagan regarding the UFO sightings is all the more false when one reads the findings of Project Blue Book. The more a witness has the mark "excellent", the more his testimony is likely to be in the category of unexplained aerial phenomena.

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“Pretty much all of the sightings are either mistakes or hoaxes. Reports are so filled with hoaxes and flying saucer enthusiasts are so often eccentric, bizarre and moronic that Hynek constantly risks destroying his reputation unwittingly by being confused by them ”

Dr. Isaac Asimov, author

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Another haphazard quote. Numerous testimonies have been reported by very credible witnesses who have obvious skills to understand the origin of common aerial phenomena: air traffic controllers, police officers, airline or fighter pilot, engineer, astronomer

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"All unexplained cases come from bad observers"

Dr. Donald Menzel, astronomer

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Quote on UFO testimonies completely false when we really focus on the study of the recorded testimonies.

"Unexplained cases are simply those for which there is little information on which to obtain a solid basis of explanation."

Ben Bova, writer

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Many testimonies have been noted by witnesses who are both credible and have a very important knowledge of the various air and meteorological phenomena. Radar screens were also able to pick up signals from objects with technical capacities clearly above our technology.